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Rocket&Ring Press is pleased to announce its very first anthology! This anthology (title pending) will publish exceptional stories that focus on sexy monsters. Give us your night-mares, guarded dragon hoards, things that go bump in the night, sexy and scary beasts you only dream about in your wildest fantasies.


This will be a fully-edited anthology edited by erotic science fiction author Revel Flint. Below, find the writer’s guidelines for this anthology. More details will come as submissions come in and we start to get a sense for what we like!


The Deets:


Deadline: Extended to June 15, 2019!


Words: Up to 7,000 words, although shorter than 5,000 is preferred.


Genre: Erotic romance and erotica. My personal preference is for dark stuff, but everything from love-at-first-sight to extreme will be considered as long as it contains explicit sex.


Payment: Contributors and Editor will evenly divide royalties if the book earns more than $10. Royalties will be divided once per quarter, or however long it takes to earn more than $10. Contributors receive an ebook of the anthology in all available formats.


Publishing: This anthology will be released in ebook only through Amazon and Smashwords.


Contract: Each contributor will sign a contract prior to publication. The contributor gives the publisher exclusive first world rights for one year after publication date. After one year, all rights revert back to each author.


To Submit:


Attach your file to an email and tell me a little bit about you and your writing. In this short cover letter, please include your name, the title of your story, and the word count of your story.


File type: .doc, .docx, or .rtf. I cannot accept other file types.


Format: Use Standard Manuscript Format as much as possible. Double-spaced Times New Roman 12 pt font. Indent for a new paragraph. At the top of each page, type: Last Name / Story Title / Page number. For example: Flint / My Fucking Fantastic Story / 5.


Subject Line: MONSTERS SUBMISSION / “Your Title Here”


Email to: rocketandring [at] gmail [dot] com


Editor’s Preferences: (last updated 01/02/19)

From anthology Editor-in-Sexiness, Revel Flint:


Some ideas about what I will be looking for in this anthology:

  • Stories WILL be judged on sexiness, although all tones--from humorous to serious--will be considered.

  • Mythological beasts of all varieties, including but not limited to: vampires, dragons, minotaurs, ghosts, were-beasts, things with tentacles, mermaids, etc. etc.

  • Strong story and character development--i.e., it isn’t just about the sex.

  • Traditional monsters (vampires, werewolves, etc.). However, keep in mind that I want this anthology to have some variety in its monstrosities, so lesser-known monsters might have a better chance.

  • Original science fiction and secondary-world fantasy settings a huge plus.

  • BDSM and a variety of kink are all good, as long as it’s consensual.

  • Monsters from non-Western folklore.

  • Fairy tale retellings and fresh takes on mythology.

  • LGBTQ+ stories are a plus.

  • Consensual pairings, menage, and groups.


Stories I will not accept:

  • For legal reasons, I cannot accept any non-consent, underage, or bestiality stories. That means that all characters must be a) consenting parties, b) over the age of 18, and c) sentient. Dubious consent (where it’s unsure if the character is consenting) might be considered. Sentient doesn’t necessarily mean your monster has to speak (telepathy is okay) but it has to be clear they are not animals.

  • Specific kinks that just aren’t my thing: scat, watersports, etc.

  • Stories without sexual content will not be considered for this anthology.

  • Stories without developed characters or a clear overarching plot.

  • Stories that are above the word limit or were not submitted according to posted guidelines.

Have fun, and happy monsterfucking!

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